Gensouan is an Omoteya-zukuri Machiya townhouse (130 years old), with an annex (50 years old).
The building can be divided into 4 parts as below; 2nd floor South (annex)/ 2nd floor North/ 1st floor / Tea room.
Spectacular to view scarce authentic craftwork of Kyo-machiya, and the unique designs crafted for the Tsumugi kimono merchant.

2nd floor South (new annex)

New annex consists of 3 washitsu, separated by husuma (sliding doors). Removing husuma becomes a huge washitsu hall with more than 70 tatmais.

2,200 Yen / 1h

2nd floor North (old wing)

Compared with open-play new annex, the North part is retro-flavored and has longer history. It is the second floor of typical Omoteya-zukuri style.

2,200 Yen / 1h

1st floor with Japanese garden and kura

The front has a store operating as a merchant office, and the innermost has a garden and kura (storehouse). This is typical Kyo-machiya structure that Japanese say [eel's bed].

1,800 Yen / 1h

Tea room

6 tatami tea-room is located at the innermost, with beautiful and unique Japanese garden. We can lend Tea-ceremony tools.

2,200 Yen / 1h